Santa Rosa, Amazonas Peru

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Between 1995 and 2001, the Bowers lived on their 60’ riverboat, visiting remote villages to help establish churches along a 300-mile stretch of the Amazon River in Peru. One frequent stop on their itinerary was the community of Santa Rosa.  In 2021, Calvary Chapel, in the provincial capital city of Iquitos, began sending one of their pastors to Santa Rosa, where the only access to that region is by boat.   After months of frequent river travel for preaching and discipleship, Javier’s family enjoyed enough growth that the small congregation was ready to consider their own place.   The town council donated a piece of property where they could build their church building next to the school where they have been congregating for years.

Our “Peru Project’ began when our missionaries, Jim and Stacie Bowers, began helping with that construction effort in Santa Rosa.   God used Pastor Javier’s faithful leadership to inspire the members to erect their own permanent sanctuary with lots of labor, cutting all their boards and beams with chainsaws.  They even dug a much-needed community well.  As they continue to impact their remote corner of the world for Jesus, we will be there with them in prayer, encouragement, and strategic financial support as necessary.  Perhaps even lending a hand in person.

The building is under construction.
The building is completed, and the community well has been installed and is ready to serve the community.