We desire to journey with Jesus on an adventure on the water and teach others to do the same.
All are called to serve God, yet few intentionally do. The Holy Spirit uniquely gifts every Christian to fulfill some mission in Christ’s church. Each of us, too, has varying personalities, skill sets, and passions. We believe that harnessing these talents and abilities for our ongoing expansion of Christ’s church is our calling. We use boats as tools in the execution of this ministry.

You can teach school, care for orphans or widows, build hospitals, go on prayer walks or preach in a local church plant, using a boat as your home, transport, and passion. You can help farms be more productive, build irrigation systems, repair hurricane-damaged homes, schools, or churches and do it from a boat. We know of maritime-based Christ-followers who 3-D print prosthetics in developing nations or cardiologists, RNs, and other technically skilled individuals who apply their knowledge and skillset in boat-accessible communities worldwide.

What is your dream?

What has God etched upon your heart?

We would love to hear about it.

We would love the opportunity to pray with you about it.

You do not need to start your own mission or non-profit when other ministries around the world need you. Yes, you.