We desire to help people achieve the ministry dream that Jesus places in our hearts. Sometimes that means we help raise funds, provide coaching, network, or simply listen and join you in prayer.


Cruisers with a Purpose - We are always seeking spiritually mature cruisers with a current and active church engagement, who want to use their own boat in ministry. It does not matter if you are a lake boat, a blue water sailor, or have dreams of doing the loop in a trawler or jet ski. If you love Jesus and want to use your boat in ministry, we need to talk. You might be an answer to our prayers.

Dreamers - We are in need of people who someday want to cruise and live for Jesus in a place that he calls them to via boats. If you have a  ministry dream and would like to employ a vessel in the execution or delivery of that ministry, please contact us. We are blessed with a global network of ministries, and other individuals to encourage, motivate, train, or provide an internship or other experience to help you flesh out or fulfill that calling on your heart.

NC / VA:

Port Chaplain - The Port of VA is the largest port on the eastern US coast and is a major port of call to over 300 ships a month. This provides a unique ministry opportunity for Hampton Roads area residents to have an international ministry, often without leaving their zip code. If you have a passion for Jesus and are willing to make new friends daily, please consider this opportunity.

Essentially a Port Chaplain visits container, bulk, and coal ships as they come to our area. Each ship has an average crew of 20-30 mariners who are generally away from home for six to nine months at a time. Most ships we have access to have multinational crews who are always curious about our lives in the US. We always seek to share Jesus and, if possible, to find a way to serve the men and women of that ship. Training is provided, and an extensive security process is also required to access the Port. Please contact us to schedule a conversation about this global impact ministry in our backyard. 

Requirements: Strong Christian character, active local church engagement, able to demonstrate the ability to make new friends and seek to share Jesus with others. Willing to complete an online training program and you are a US Citizen without a criminal record. Physically able to climb a lot of stairs.

Rose Buddies - Elizabeth City is home to the Rose Buddies, who greet the cruisers each Spring and Fall as they come to town. We have our own docks at Mid-Atlantic Christian University, but we also function as the greeters on behalf of our town on the City Docks, as well as at Jeannette Brothers’ wharf. 

Fleet Projects - Boats always have projects! We always have the need for kind hearts and willing hands to do the work to help maintain the fleet. This can include everything from washing a boat, changing oil, solving rigging problems, carpentry, or good old-fashioned sanding, varnishing, or painting.

Quickbooks, Social Media, Event Planning, writing, and database management are always areas of need, and we need a few skilled volunteers. If that is you, please let's have a conversation.