Mission: Dominican Republic

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March 9-16, 2024 (Saturday to Saturday)

Working with local Dominican churches and our ministry partners, we will travel to the Dominican Republic (D.R.) and build a house for a local family living in substandard housing (by local standards). We will build on land owned by the family; often, the recipient families wait a year or longer for their homes to be built. Our team will fund and build an appropriate, safe, secure home on-site in four or five days.

What to expect:

  • Training, Team Meetings, and prep time before the trip
  • Travel by air to Miami, then on to the Dominican Republic – 12 hours generally
  • Worship in a local church and then acclimate to the D.R.
  • Form and pour the home’s foundation
  • Frame the home
  • Roofing and siding of the home
  • Celebrate the family’s coming!
  • Great food, daily quiet time, nightly team time.
  • Deep joy and satisfaction in doing the impossible for someone else


  1. How much will it cost?          

This project budget is $30,000 for transportation, lodging, food, and building costs. We must raise approximately $1,450 to $1,750 per person (for 15-20 people). This is a mission project. Together, we will watch God fund this entire project. This is not tourism, nor is it a learn-by-doing seminar.

  • How will the funds be raised?

Each participant will be a part of our fundraising solution. You will write letters and make requests. Collectively, we will create the communications for the project. We have asked local churches and businesses to partner with us. It is typical for one person to “raise” more money than another team member. Our goal is for God to supply the whole team’s financial requirements. Donations for the project will be made to Maritime Ministries Inc. and will be appropriately receipted for income tax purposes on all donations.

  • Will I need a Passport?

Yes! If you currently have one, ensure it expires after October 31, 2024, or you will need a new one. If you need a passport, you must apply before November 30, 2023, to have it before the trip. Use the link below. Don’t procrastinate.

  • Will I need a Visa?

No, but you will complete an Electronic Ticket before entering and exiting the Dominican Republic. We will do this as a group when our airline tickets are purchased.

  • Where will we stay, eat, etc.?

Our mission partner is Casas por Cristo, an organization with a large, comfortable, secure guest house. All our daily meals will be at that house or provided by the chef. The food and water provided will be healthy, safe, and locally sourced. You won’t be hungry. Dietary issues will need to be discussed in the interview process.

  • Local transportation?

We will use trucks/vans/buses provided by Casas por Cristo.

  • Will I interact with local people?

Absolutely. Local pastors, church members, and the new homeowner will labor alongside us. You will meet and interact with neighbors and others in the community. We will worship in a local church on Sunday, March 10 (how is your Spanish?).

  • Is it safe?

The Travel Office of the US State Department has posted a level 2 travel warning for the Dominican Republic. This “exercise increased caution” warning should be reviewed and understood. Our lodging is secure. We will absolutely require a double-buddy system (groups of 3) in all public spaces, including airports, malls, and shops (in both the US and DR). Our team leaders have decades of international living and group traveling experience; the safety rules for our group are non-negotiable.

  • Who can go?

Our priority is to the students and staff of Mid-Atlantic Christian University, high school juniors, seniors, and other adults from our partner churches, and then interested friends of Maritime Ministries Inc. We strongly challenge our church partners and friends to consider investing in their high school students in this educational and spiritually challenging experience.

But I don’t know how to build a house!

We don’t either. But Casas por Cristo does, and they will teach all of us! A servant’s heart and a yearning for adventure are required (plus a hammer, gloves, etc.)

Next Steps:

  1. You must have a valid passport. Check to ensure that your passport will expire after October 31, 2024. If you do not have a passport, use the links below to obtain one. (Note: Valid means current with six-plus months before expiration from the trip date.)
  2. Use the Let’s Begin a Conversation email link at the bottom of the page, and include your full legal name and contact details.
  3. Team Interviews will be in person or via Zoom
  4. Team Applications and a $100 deposit.
  5. Team Meetings will begin in October.
  6. Buy a hammer and some work gloves!


How to apply for a US Passport

US Passport (new application)

E-Ticket – Dominican Republic (for information only at this time)

Casas por Cristo

Passport Notes/Tips:

Obtain your original birth certificate or a certified copy before you start your application; this will ensure that the names on your proof of citizenship match your application. Make multiple single-sided copies of the front and back of your birth certificate.

You are assumed to have a state-issued driver’s license or state ID. You will need it.

There is currently a four-month wait time for a passport. This means that you must order your passport by November 30, 2023.

Order a passport book, not just the passport card.

It will cost $130.00 more in some instances.

Using the passport application link above, you can learn if your local Postmaster can help with passports. Your local post office or a nearby one is often the “local acceptance center.” You make an appointment and show your documents to the postmaster, who will verify your driver’s license for your passport application.

Smiling future residents of a new home being built
A new house!
Framing a house in the Dominican Republic.
We do this together!
This is the home in the DR a couple of years ago.