Port of Virginia


The Port of Virginia extends nearly 90 miles up the James River from the Atlantic Ocean to Richmond, VA. The port services more than 100 ships per month, with each ship averaging a crew of 35 mariners. These crew members transit the globe spending many months at sea with very little time ashore in far-away ports, literally oceans away from their families. As Port Chaplains, our mission is to build friendships with these international mariners and earn their trust and respect so that one day, we can share the Gospel of Jesus with them. This Port of Virginia outreach is but one small part of a global network of ministries to the international crews of the merchant marine.

Our Port Chaplains have a passion for Jesus and are willing to serve the international crews visiting our port. It is typical that these container ships, grain haulers, tankers, and freighters have multiple nationalities represented within their crews. Because of this diversity, our Port Chaplains can have an international impact on their ministry.

As you use the bridges and tunnels or see the commercial ships, tugs, and pleasure boats in the Hampton Roads area, please pray for us; you are in our mission field.

If you are interested in discovering more about serving mariners in the Port of Virginia, please email us.