Roy’s testimony:  “In 1970 I saved up and had purchased a sailboat.  I loved to sail and very often I would sail alone.  Occasionally I would sail all day and all night long spending days at a time by myself on the water. I was alone for the first time in my life, and I had lots of time to think about life.  I began to see all the bad things I was doing to my family and many others. I never realized before then how far I had fallen.  I began looking at life more carefully and began to listening to people more.  I listened to Christian radio to find some answers about what real life was all about. As time went on I began to understand how lost I was. I saw all this but didn’t know how to change my direction. I tried to be a good person but it would not stick. All this led up to making an appointment with a pastor to see what he could add.  After telling the pastor how lost I and the whole world was, I was surprised that he already knew.  He said,” if you have tried everything else are you willing to try Jesus?”  I said, “why not?”  I accepted the Lord January 30, 1975 at 3:15 pm in a Baptist Churches pastor’s office.  I was 33 years old, was not brought up in a church going family but did go to church with an aunt a few times as a youth but did not at all know what it meant. By the time I was 31 I had a wife and two children and had become an alcoholic-pot head yet I was still able to hold down a good job as a medical X-ray engineer and salesman.  Over the next few weeks I began to sense the strangest thing?  It seemed as though someone else was looking through my eyes. I saw everything different from that time on.”

In 1978 Roy and his fellow seafaring friend Rex Worth shared a prayer, a dream and vision for a US-based ministry using boats to spread the Gospel to island peoples.  Rex at the time was the Chief Engineer on Operation Mobilization’s ministry ship the “Doulos.”  Roy and Rex kept their dream alive and their prayers active when in 1990 Youth With A Mission (YWAM) approached Roy about taking on a 47′ ketch that was being offered to them.  In August of 1991 Maritime Ministries Inc. started operating with its first ministry vessel, “Praise the Lord.”